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Minister visitation to informal settlements

The Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources the Hon. Mereseini Vuniwaqa together with her PS Tevita Boseiwaqa and Deputy PS, yesterday 26/1 visited the state land informal settlements in Naidovi, Cuvu, Nadroga together with Nacobi, Navo and Navakai in Nadi.

The purpose of the visit was to inform the sitting tenants of the plans set by the Ministry of Lands for 2015 regarding the regularizing of their tenancy.

Mrs Vuniwaqa had assured the tenants of the settlements that the first priority is to provide them with an Approval Notice of 99 years. This Approval Notice is enough to take to lending agencies for loan to build permanent homes and better their lives and most importantly security of tenure for them.

According to Ajendra Singh age 39 of Nacobi, he was so happy that the Minister came and heard their grievances and concerns and actually seeing that something is being done to regularize their tenancy. He has been residing in his land since birth and hopes that he will receive his Approval Notice soon.

Regularizing works will be conducted for all three divisions which are West, Central Eastern and North in 2015.
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Valuers Registration Board

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The Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, the Hon. Mereseini Vuniwaqa visited the Village of Rukua on Beqa Island on Saturday the 17th January 2015 and was greeted with nearly 40 members of the community. The purpose of the official visit as stated by the Honourable Minister was to enable her to listen to their views in relation to land matters.
“It is important for us as Government Ministers to listen to your views on matters touching on your livelihood and for my portfolio, on matters pertaining to land” Mrs Vuniwaqa said.

The Minister was traditionally welcomed by the Rukua Villagers being her first visit to the island as a Minister and also the first Minister to visit in this New Year, 2015.

The Villagers took advantage of the consultation and sought clarifications on issues relating to foreshore development, Qoliqoli Fishing Rights, leasing processes, the Land Bank and security of Taukei Land. The Honourable Minister reassured the people of Rukua, Beqa about the constitutional security of all Taukei land under the 2013 constitution.

Pertinent features of the Land Bank were also clarified removing most of the misconceptions held by members of the community previously.

“Orisi Cagilaba, 54 said that he is really thankful that the Minister of Lands & Mineral Resources came to Rukua Village. She indeed answered most of our queries towards land issues and foreshore development.”

The Minister met with the representatives of developers on Beqa Island later that evening to clarify the direction of the Ministry of Lands in relation to foreshore leases applications and processing.

The Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources was accompanied by the three Ministry officials.


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Mineral Investigation
Land Use Unit

Under this particular subject of mineral investigation, the project is formulated to enhance the mineral prospectively of Fiji by raising the value of known prospects.more

The Land Use Unit of the Ministry of Lands & Mineral Resources, is a new unit established to manage the Government Land Reform.more

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Development of State Land

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Land Bank

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Mineral Investigation

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