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l Vision l Mission l
Vibrant, Equitable and Dynamic Management of Our Lands and Mineral Resources for a sustainable environment and economic future

Launching of the ACP 2015 (Minister`s speech)

Permanent Secretary for Land & Mineral Resources, Deputy Secretary,
Directors, Divisional Heads, Staff
Ladies & Gentlemen

I must first of all thank and acknowledge the hard work of the Permanent Secretary, management and indeed each individual in the Ministry for your hard work towards the attainment of your key deliverables in last year’s ACP. The award at the PSC Awards night speaks volumes of the hard work that was put in.

Much has been accomplished by Government in the last seven years in relation to the organizational restructure of the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources. The internal reforms led by the Honourable Prime Minister have laid a solid foundation that I intend to build on over the next four years beginning this year.

I am entering this role with a strong will to work with the management and staff on the platform set out in previous Annual Corporate Plans, to improve service delivery for our customers, ordinary people and investors alike.
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Valuers Registration Board

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The Honourable Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Mereseini Vuniwaqa re-assured three more families squatting in Naria, Rakiraki yesterday (02.02.15) that their lease will be regularized.

Mr Rajendra Prasad of Naria, Rakiraki was overjoyed when the Hon. Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources personally visited him and his family yesterday during her official tour around the West to inspect Informal Settlements.

Mr Prasad has been squatting on reclaimed Tiri land for the past 23 years. He has been applying for regularisation since 1989 but finally got his prayers answered when Mrs Vuniwaqa promised him that his name will be included in the list to regularise informal settlements later in the year.

Mr Prasad currently resides with his brothers and children on the same land. He will be granted a 99-years Approval Notice, which provides a sense of security to him and his family.

Mrs Vuniwaqa together with the senior officials of the Ministry will continue to tour the West on Wednesday, the 4th of February 2015.

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The Deputy Secretary for the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources Mr. Malakai Nalawa is visiting the individual Land Owning Unit (LOU) of Namosi and Naitasiri whose lands are being explored by the Namosi Joint Venture for any prospective mineral deposits.

Mr Nalawa is accompanied by officials from the Mineral Resources Department and also the Ministry’s Media Liaison Officer consulting each LOU individually.
This is in respect of the request by NJV for the renewal of their Special Prospecting Licence (SPL) Number 1420.
The 5 years Prospecting Licence for NJV expired on--- and the Company had lodged its application for renewal for another term, together with a mixture of approval and disapproval by the LOU’s to the renewal.

The Hon. Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources mandated the Deputy Secretary, to consult every LOU and obtain their individual views on the following issues:

  1. Verify the consents or non-consents already given by the individual LOU, on whether or not they support the renewal of NJV’s SPL 1420; and the reasons behind their stance.
  2. Individual LOU stance on the Tikina Namosi Landowners Committee (TNLC) who is representing them to Government and also to the NJV.
  3. Explain to them in details the process of explorations and mining and other pertinent information relating to the project as a whole.

All the views of the LOU’s have been collated and will be analysed to determine the majority views of the landowners. The report will be submitted to Hon Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources who will escalate it to the Hon Prime Minister for a decision.
Consultations is progressing well and LOU’s from villages of Saliadrau, Rukunibua, Waivaka, Nabukavesi, Kalokolevu, Nukusere in Namosi and Nasevou, Delailasakau in Naitasiri have been consulted. Still left are other LOU’s from villages of Nukusere, Saliadrau and Namosi.

Deputy Secretary had also consulted members of the TNLC before embarking on the above mentioned consultations. The committee had uttered their stance and the reasons behind it. Deputy Secretary also explained to the committee the process of consulting the individual LOU and its objectives


The Ministry’s roles and responsibilities are implemented through various legislations which include but are not limited to the following:

1 Land Use Decree 2010 2 Crown Lands Act
3 Land Transfer Act 4 Crown Acquisition of Lands Act
5 Surveyors Act 6 Land Sales Act
7 Subdivision of Land Act 8 Valuation Registration Act
9 Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Act 10 Native Lands Act
11 Native Lands Trust Act 12 Native Lands Amendment Act No. 13 of 2002
13 Town PLanning Act 14 Local Government Act
15 Rivers and Streams Act 16 Property Law Act
17 Public Health Act 18 Public Trustee Act
19 Roads Act 20 Mining Act
21 Mining (Amendment) Decree 2010 22 Oil and Petroleum Act
23 Quarry Act 24 Explosives Act
25 Environment Management Act 2005 26 Burial and Crematorium Act




Mineral Investigation
Land Use Unit

Under this particular subject of mineral investigation, the project is formulated to enhance the mineral prospectively of Fiji by raising the value of known prospects.more

The Land Use Unit of the Ministry of Lands & Mineral Resources, is a new unit established to manage the Government Land Reform.more

A number of land subdivisions done illegally
07:08 Fiji village Feb 03,2014
The Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources has

Lack of vehicles delay work - Boseiwaqa
12:59 Fiji village Feb 02, 2014
One of the major reasons for delays in work carried out

Development of State Land

The purpose of this proposal is to bring State lands.

Land Bank

79 i-Taukei landowning units have deposited their land in the Land Bank since 2011.

Mineral Investigation

Project is formulated to enhance the mineral prospectively of Fiji.