Ministry of Lands And Mineral Resources
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Recently Fiji's land mass has had many potential and quite frankly important usage that has seen a growth in interested investors seeking to utilize our land in the various forms of development, schemes and projects that certainly highlights Fiji's move towards a better future.The Fiji government through the Department of Lands and Mineral Resources has been eagerly anticipating and implementing various state land developments that would potentially provide sustainable developments within the mass land that Fiji proudly has.

The sole purpose of this proposed State Land Development is to bring State lands that are presently under-utilized or not utilized at all to more productive uses.This project aims to reduce improper and haphazard developments on state lands, and ensures that all planning and zoning requirements are adhered to. The Development of State Land would open up new opportunities that could be used for the development of the country. It would also provide investor confidence in these new areas once the registered leases/titles are issued. The cadastral surveys, which would facilitate the issuance of registered leases could only be carried out once these areas are fully developed.The project also aims to provide and at the same time address the following issues of housing needs to the landless; secure investment and return; improve delivery and quality of leasing services; efficient use of available land resources; proper usage of land; reduce the land boundary disputes; improve communication and administration mechanisms, particularly in relation to land; provide a long-term secured lease, in turn this will provide a form of security (mortgage etc.) for development and a fair return on investment through rental.

The project is currently been carried out by our Divisional Offices in the West, North and Central and the implementation and completion of these projects will, Provide security of tenure through the issue of registered leases, Discourage squatting and haphazard housing developments in these project areas, Promote healthy living and improve living standard through provision of necessary sanitary and infrastructural facilities and services whilst the government in turn would receive a fair return on the revenue collected through rentals.

Under this particular subject of mineral investigation, the project is formulated to enhance the mineral prospectively of Fiji by raising the value of known prospects. This is to be achieved by conducting appropriate surveys on known prospects which have good potential, compiling the new data with the existing information and presenting this in an attractive package to would be investors. This basically reflects a change in policy to deal with the prevailing situation and the plan is to take a more proactive role in mineral exploration rather than what we do currently, that is, rely on the exploration companies to carry out this work. Previous exploration work has revealed many areas showing potential for mineral deposits.These areas, now referred to as prospects need further investigations to prove or otherwise of their true potential for future mining activities. A compilation of data on these already exists and will serve as a starting point for planning any fieldwork. Normally this work is expected to be carried out by private exploration companies. However, the current situation faced by the industry in Fiji warrants action by the department to give confidence to the companies and prove that Mineral Resources Department is serious about (mortgage etc.) for development and a fair view of the country`s potential.




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The Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources has

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Development of State Land

The purpose of this proposal is to bring State lands.

Land Bank

79 i-Taukei landowning units have deposited their land in the Land Bank since 2011.

Mineral Investigation

Project is formulated to enhance the mineralprospectively of Fiji.