Department of Lands 

Fees & Charges
Mapshop 2022 Map Fees & Charges
Cartography 2022 Fees & Charges  Download


1. Advertised Lots (Agricultural, Residential, Commercial | Industrial)
2. Lease Renewal Application  Download
3. Foreshore Application  Download 
4. River Gravel and Sand Extraction (New) Download 
5. River Gravel and Sand Extraction (Renew) Download 


Ministerial Consents (Checklists)
1. Land Sales Act Download
2. Foreshore - Mooring License Download
3. Foreshore - Wet Lease Download 
4. Foreshore - Mangrove or Marine Conservation Download 
5. Foreshore - Jetties Download 
6. Foreshore - Filming Consents Download 


Director Lands Consents (Checklists)
1. Transfer Download
2. Surrender Download
3. Mortgage Under ALTA Download 
4. Tenancy At Will (TAW) Download 
5. Legal Proceedings  Download 
6. Rezone Download 
7. Subdivide  Download 
8. Sublet  Download 
9. Caveat Under ALTA Download 
10. Water And/Or Electricity Connection Download 
11. Building | Extension | Fencing | Renovation Download 
12. Land Filling and Excavation  Download 


Land Use Division Forms
 For Consent Form                                                                            Download
 Apply for Designated Land (Business and Individual)                               Apply Online
 Trustees Consent Form                                                              Download


Nukulau Permit
 Application form for Nukulau Permit                                             Download

Department of Mineral Resources  

Mineral Resources Department Forms
 Petroleum Form ( Exploration Licence)                           Download
 Application for License to Purchase (Fireworks)  Download
 Application for Licence to Store, Deal and Possess (Fireworks)  Download
 Application for Licence to Store and Possess (Fireworks) – Bulk Storage  Download
 Application for a Prospector`s right   Download
 Withdrawal ofApplication  Download
 Report on Operations on Prospecting Licence  Download
 Monthly Report on Mining Operations  Download
 Yearly Report of Mining Operations  Download
 Application for Approval of a Dealing in a Mining Tenement  Download
 Surrender of Mining Tenement  Download
 Certificate Relating to Mine workings  Download
 Application for a Mine Manager`s Certificate  Download
 Application fo Hoist Driver`s Certificate  Download
 Report on Drilling Operations  Download
 Application for an Exploration Licence  Download


State Land Rental Payment Services

Bank account, MPAISA, Post Fiji and EFTPOS options for ground rental payment. Any payments done online, MPAISA or Post Fiji, contact 9643832/9368425.


Account Name: Fiji Government Consolidated Fund Account
Account Number: 719354
Swift Code: BOSPFJFJ
Narration/Reference: File Reference or Lease Account Number


Payment through MPaisa App or SMS.
Post Fiji

Post Fiji

Any PostFiji Outlet.


EFTPOS options at the three divisional offices.