Department of Lands
The Department of Lands and Survey is responsible for the effective and efficient administration, development and management of all state land in Fiji. Activities under this programme include surveying, mapping, land valuation, development and maintenance of state land and geographic information system.

Additionally, the Department coordinates the work of the new land Use Unit which was established to implement Governments Land Reform initiative that will pave the way for improved socio-economic growth with a focus on equitable returns to the landowners and security of tenure for the tenants.

The Department of Lands has six divisions namely:
1. State Land Administration Division
2. Corporate Services Division
3. Survey Division
4. Valuation Division
5. Fiji Geospatial Information Management Division
6. Land Use Division

Department of Mineral Resources
The Department of Mineral Resources oversees and facilitates development of the country’s minerals sector and groundwater resources.It undertakes studies in relation to geographical hazards, minerals and groundwater development and manages the development of the Mining and Quarrying Sector with a mandate under the Mining, Petroleum (Exploration and Exploitation), Quarries, Explosives and Continental Shelf Acts.

The Department of Mineral Resources has four divisions namely:
1. Geological Services Division
2. Geological Survey Division
3. Environment & Mines Division
4. GeoScience Support Services Division

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Survey Plans
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Costed Operational Plan

State Land Rental Payment Services

Bank account, MPAISA, Post Fiji and EFTPOS options for ground rental payment. Any payments done online, MPAISA or Post Fiji, contact 9643832/9368425.


Account Name: Fiji Government Consolidated Fund Account
Account Number: 719354
Swift Code: BOSPFJFJ
Narration/Reference: File Reference or Lease Account Number


Payment through MPaisa App or SMS.
Post Fiji

Post Fiji

Any PostFiji Outlet.


EFTPOS options at the three divisional offices.