Nukulau Island Permit Application Form | Click Here 
● All visitors to Nukulau Island are required to provide a permit to the island caretaker upon arrival at the island. The permit is issued by the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources with a charge of $2/person to allow you access onto the island.

● If you spend more than 24 hours on the island, then an additional $2/person is required to be paid. However, if you leave on Friday afternoon, spend the night and then return on Saturday afternoon, the $2/person levy still stands.

● Payment of the permit is non-refundable. However, the permit can be used for a later date. Payment of the permit fees is to be done with cashier at our HQ Office, Nasova Road or at our office in Gladstone Road. Cashier hours are from 9am – 1pm only, Monday to Friday.


Boat fares are usually $15/return for adults and half price for children but this is something you will discuss with the boat owners. Departure times to and from Nukulau are to be done with the respective boat owner.

Boat Owners
1. Marshall - (+679) 9921999
2. Robert - (+679) 9686588
3. Silivakere - (+679) 9316130

Boat transfers from the RSYC to Nukulau Island or the sandbank, one can visit or
General Manager - Amber ()
(+679) 3312921 | Mobile: 9922921 |

● There is a shed on the island but visitors can also bring their tents to camp out. For the shed, you will need to take your own sleeping items.
● Bathroom and toilet facilities are available on the island but it would be best to take your own drinking water be it for a day trip or going overnight.
● There are nine BBQ stands and the hotplate is with the island caretaker.
● Lovo facilities are also available but you will need to provide the hands and some firewood.

Please contact our Nukulau Island Officer in charge:

Joanna Kamakorewa (Ms)

(+679) 3239761
Joana Qiodravu (Mrs.)

(+679) 3239760

State Land Rental Payment Services

Bank account, MPAISA, Post Fiji and EFTPOS options for ground rental payment. Any payments done online, MPAISA or Post Fiji, contact 9643832/9368425.


Account Name: Fiji Government Consolidated Fund Account
Account Number: 719354
Swift Code: BOSPFJFJ
Narration/Reference: File Reference or Lease Account Number


Payment through MPaisa App or SMS.
Post Fiji

Post Fiji

Any PostFiji Outlet.


EFTPOS options at the three divisional offices.