The ministry’s Corporate Services division launched its breast cancer awareness campaign this afternoon with the Director Corporate Services, Jale Kunawalu encouraging staffs to create more awareness amongst families, friends and colleagues on breast cancer, so that people in the early stages of this disease are able to take action earlier.
“As soon as you see a small lump or feel something wrong with your body, please go and see the doctor,” Mr Kunawalu said.
Mr Kunawalu said, he has witnessed relatives and friends dying from breast cancer and he urged all staffs to monitor their health and be active in seeking medical attention.
Staffs were also left emotional when a male colleague, Mr Marawa Bune, stood up to share his personal experience as the surviving spouse of someone who died of breast cancer.
Mr Bune shared his pain and sacrifice in the months leading up to his wife’s demise. He said that at first, his wife did not pay much attention to the small lump that emerged from her left breast last year. That small lump he said, later became fatal and he ended up burying his wife last month.
According to statistics from Fiji’s Ministry of Health, breast cancer has a 60% mortality rate in Fiji and the escalating breast cancer cases is due to women ignoring medical treatment.
The message is clear, Fiji’s breast cancer tragedy, can be avoided if women and men seek earlier medical attention as soon as they feel a growth or something wrong with their body.
The Ministry’s Corporate Services Division will hold a month long campaign and all contributions collected will be forwarded to the Fiji Cancer society, in support of more positive action on Breast Cancer.
Mr Kunawalu said, two collection tins have been provided from the Fiji Cancer Society and staffs and visitors alike are requested to donate towards the pinktober campaign. The pink tins are currently available at reception counters of the Ministry headquarters.

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