Dada Government Station – Namosi
The Ministry’s, Land Use division survey team conducted a topographical and design survey of the Dada Government Station upon the request of the Commissioner Central’s office.
A topographic survey is required to determine existing conditions and elevations of a particular site. Together with a boundary survey, topographic survey is used by architects and engineers to create designs based on existing conditions.
Moreover, this survey work is to assist Ministry of Economy’s planning unit, Construction Implementation Unit (CIU) and civil work contractors to expand the Government Station to Level B medical centre and other services provided by Government agencies.
This is a commitment made by the Hon. Prime Minister during the opening ceremony of the $1.5 million new Government Station. About four districts in the Namosi province, Veinuqa, Naqarawai, Namosi and Wainikoroiluva would benefit from the services that will be provided through this Government Station.
The Ministry sent a team of ten personnel for three weeks to attend to the surveying works. Consequently, the team also surveyed existing improvements, access road, footpaths and other government services within and around the site.
Additionally, the Topographic survey of the Government Station commenced and extended outside the boundary from where the survey team gauged the contours of the area.
In ensuring environment sustainability, the survey team made certain that the environment was not disturbed while carrying out the survey works.
Meanwhile, the team faced some difficulties while trying to survey the Wainikoroiluva River and a few creaks that run beside the Government Station due to foliage cover and huge rocks around the site.
However, the survey work was successfully completed with final submissions to be made to the Commissioner’s office.


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