Long walks to the creek and River is now a thing of the past for the students of Ratu Emeri Catholic School in Nadivakarua, Bua.

This is following the commissioning of a Government funded borehole project facilitated through the Mineral Resources Department. This initiative will guarantee clean, reliable and safe drinking water for Fijians in the area.

The Permanent Secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources, Dr. Raijeli Taga during the commissioning of the school borehole, emphasised on the importance of water.
“Water is one of the most precious gifts by the nature to mankind. We cannot lead our day to day life without water. Water is necessary not only for drinking but also for our daily life purposes like bathing, cooking, cleaning and washing,” Taga said.

This project is in line with the 5 and 20 years National Development Plan of Fiji under ‘Water and Sanitation’ which aims to fulfil the sustainable development goal – Clean and safe water in adequate quantity”

“I am glad that my Ministry is supporting and working towards achieving the National target of 100% access to clean and safe drinking water to all Fijians in the rural community by 2030,” she said.

The borehole is proven to be of good yield and good quality which can supplement the water supply to the school and can be maintained over a number of years if sustainably managed.

This borehole is estimated to directly benefit 125 people.

The Head of School for Ratu Emeri Catholic School, Mr. Kiniviliame Naika thanked the Government for providing clean and safe drinking water to the school.
“Since the establishment of the school in 1974, we have been fetching water from the nearby creek and river for consumption at the school” Mr Naika said.
“During heavy rain and dry seasons it became very difficult for the school especially for the boarder students. Due to the location of the school, water catering was also very timely and difficult,” he said.

He said that the new school borehole will give the students a big relief.


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