The Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Hon. Jone Usamate commended works carried out by the Air Survey team working on the Tropical Cyclone Yasa recovery.
The Hon. Minister Usamate met the team last weekend at Votua Village in Bua while touring cyclone affected areas.
The Hon. Minister thanked the team for their effort in providing critical information that enabled planners and responders to make informed decisions on plan of action in red zone areas.
With the use of the UAV (drone) Phantom 4 Pro, live aerial videos and images of affected and remote areas were captured to assist first responders. Images of Yanuca and Yaqaga islands and other red zone areas enabled quick action and decision.
These images are also used to determine infrastructure and access roads damage.
The Air Survey team said that with the aerial images, disaster response teams on the ground were able to deploy relief assistance effectively and also were able to avoid risky areas.
The Commissioner Northern’s Office also thanked the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources and the Air Survey team for the quick response after TC Yasa.
The Divisional Planning Officer Northern, Vishwa Deo said that the request for drone images was mainly for the purpose of capturing realistic images of damages in the communities.
“These images were used for planning and allocating resources to most vulnerable communities in order of priority,” he said.
“In addition most of our coastal villages were affected by storm surges and images will show the drastic effects of climate change, he added.
“These images have really assisted the Northern Emergency Operations Centre to prepare and present realistic reports to Government officials and UN agencies.

 Picture 1 and 2 : Pictures attached are images of Cogea Village, Bua captured by the Air Survey Team which assisted first responders in reaching out to the village and providing necessary assistances.



Picture 3 and 4 : Hon. Minister Jone Usamate, met the Air Survey team at Votua Village in Bua while touring cyclone affected areas last weekend.





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