The groundwater reticulation assessment and restoration team of the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources continue to carry out their assessment and rehabilitation works in the Northern Division on boreholes that were affected by TC Yasa.
A team of eight (8) technical officers were deployed to North last week. While some members carried out damage assessments, the others attended repair works and maintenance of existing reticulation system.
Currently, the team is in the Kubulau, Lekutu and Dreketi areas identifying the status of the groundwater supply infrastructure.
The damages caused by TC Yasa include pump house structure, solar structure and solar panels, water tanks, broken pipelines and connections.
In rectifying these damages, the team has installed new controllers for the solar system, replaced broken pipelines with connection and rebuilt pump houses.
After the repair works, pressure tests on all the reticulation sites are carried out in order to ensure that water supply is back to normal especially for those communities who rely on boreholes as their water source.
The Turaga-Ni-Koro of Kiobo village in the Kubulau District Bua, Mr. Timoci Tuiwainunu has thanked the Government of the day, in particular the Mineral Resource Department for the quick response in repairing and restoring their only water source in the village.
Sites assessed so far include Lekutu Government Station, Nakanacagi Village, Dreka settlement, Kiobo Village, Ratu Emeri School, Navatu, Korovou, Waisa, Natokalau, Nasasaivua, Raviravi, Wailailai, Navasua Government Station and Kubulau Primary School.

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