A team from the Mineral Resources Department was deployed to Kia and Mali Island to cart water and to carry out their assessment and rehabilitation works on boreholes that were affected by TC Yasa last weekend.
The team visited three boreholes at Yaro Village, whereby one borehole reticulation system has been recommended for flushing and one for pump test.
The team then proceeded to Ligaulevu in Mali where the villages has requested for maintenance of the village borehole as it has been idle for some time.
It was noted by the team that due to TC Yasa, reticulation sites at Naikawaga village has been damaged and needed urgent reinstallation.
The Naikawaga villages also requested for solar pump system as they are currently using diesel pumps that continues to develop problems.
The Qelemumu pump house sustained no damages, but the two spare tanks has shown cracks after TC Yasa.
The tanks and fitting system at Lekutu Government Station has been repaired but the pumps and controller system will be rechecked by the team.

borehole KiaMali1

borehole KiaMali2

borehole KiaMali3

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