Borehole Project Ensures Clean and Safe Water – Tavuto Settlement
“Every Drop of Water Counts," You will never know the worth of water until it is dry. So, conserve water and use it wisely.”
This was the message by the Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Hon. Jone Usamate during the commissioning of a Government funded borehole project in Tavuto settelement.
This initiative was facilitated through the Mineral Resources Department. This initiative will guarantee clean, reliable and safe drinking water for Fijians in the area.
The Hon. Minister while commissioning the village borehole, emphasized on the importance of water.
He further stated that, “we cannot sustain life without it, we cannot sustain communities without itBut when communities have ample water, they thrive - their health, their farming, their economy all can steadily improve when water is readily available.”
Hon. Minister mentioned that Tavuto settlement experienced critical water shortages annually especially during the dry season. This $47,000 project, brings assurance to an improved, reliable and sustainable supply of quality water.
The commissioning of the Tavuto borehole will benefit nine (9) households with a population of 66 people.
However, he said that villagers should continue to use other reliable and safe water sources for example rainfall harvesting. Whereas, this should not be neglected and should be maintained to supplement ground water.
Additionally the Hon. Minister further stated that groundwater must be prudently managed and should not be used as the ultimate water source to solve all water problems. It should be protected from any potential sources of contamination.”
“It is strongly advised that the village should strictly adhere to the recommended pumping rate and pump durations. Failure to comply would be seriously unsustainable and may cause the possible degradation of the quality of the water,” he said.




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