These are common questions often asked at the counter of any of our respective Divisional offices.

On which basis is the rental assessed?
Rental is assessed in accordance to Section 11 Cap 132 State Lands Act (Leases & Licenses Regulation 1985) Amendment 1993 and Department Policy which is in subject to PIB Counter Inflation Act (Rent Control) (No. 287) Order 1993.  The rental assessed shall in no case exceed 6% of the value of fee simple estate of the land not taking into account any improvements.

What is Penal Rent and on which basis it is assessed?
Section 21 (j) Cap 132 State Lands Act (Leases and Licenses Regulation) 1985, states “That in the event of any breach by the lessee of any covenant or condition in the lease the lessor may enter upon and take possession of the demised land or may at discretion of the Director impose a penal rent in respect of such breach”.
All assessment of penalty should be done in  accordance to Department Policy and  Section 21(j) Cap 132 State Lands Act (Leases & License Regulation 1985) Amendment 1993 and Sect 40 of State Lands Act.

Lands Admin

Is there any vacant State Land available for Residential/ Industrial/Commercial/Agricultural and Residential?
The only State Land available for leasing are the ones currently advertised (if we’re still in the advertising period) any state land available will be advertised. State land is advertised quarterly.

How can I apply for a vacant State Land?
The public can apply for state land once it’s advertised in the dailies, application forms will be made available at all Lands Department office within the 30 days duration of advertising.

What is the status of my application, since the 10 working days has lapsed?
Client is advised on the status of their application individually and cannot be used to benchmark for other relevant cases.

What are the requirements for lodging application for consent to transfer, mortgage ,subdivision, rezoning, sublet, building, caveat, FEA and WAF and legal proceeding?
Checklist is provided to enquiring clients.

Why do I still receive the statement when the lease is already transferred to the new owner?
Check if there has been a letter forward to notify the department of the registration of transfer, or client can obtain a copy of the latest certify true copy of title to be forwarded to Accounts Department for noting.

Follow up on my letter of complaint or request for land or business license?
Advice client on the status of application.

Check for rental arrears?
Clients are given the latest account statement and informed on the rental arrears owed.

State Land Rental Payment Services

Bank account, MPAISA, Post Fiji and EFTPOS options for ground rental payment. Any payments done online, MPAISA or Post Fiji, contact 9643832/9368425.


Account Name: Fiji Government Consolidated Fund Account
Account Number: 719354
Swift Code: BOSPFJFJ
Narration/Reference: File Reference or Lease Account Number


Payment through MPaisa App or SMS.
Post Fiji

Post Fiji

Any PostFiji Outlet.


EFTPOS options at the three divisional offices.