The Geological Survey Division provide geoscience information to support and regulate development of mineral resources for the benefit of Fiji and to provide information on geohazards. This is done by selection of priority areas in terms of mineral potential in Fiji for geoscience mapping and surveys, assessment of potential for mining, petroleum production, geohazards and quarrying areasi, providing geoscience information services, industry consultation and support for geotechnical surveys. Provide advice and mitigation measures on coastal protection. 20180926 115802

2013 Fiji Geology
Exploration Opportunities in Fiji
(Geology & Mineralisation)
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The Petroleum Potential of Fiji  Click Here

Engineering Section 

The Engineering Unit Initiates and formulate engineering geology and mapping projects and programs to assess the threat of natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides and coastal erosion, carry out site foundation investigations for buildings, dams, bridges and other development areas in response to request from other government departments, statutory authorities, private companies and communities.

The Engineering unit also carries out site investigations to identify and estimate sources of construction material aggregate such as hard rock and gravel and conducting large-scale geological mapping and geotechnical investigations in certain areas for potential future development.

GeoTech Assessment 

Lanslide2 Geotechnical research and assessment aimed at providing basic information for planning purposes and identifying areas of geological hazards, particularly landslides. Lanslide

Marine Geology (Offshore) Section
Provide Geosciences information to support and regulate development of mineral resources within the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) for the benefit of Fiji. 

This is done by: 
  • Selection of priority areas in Fiji for Geosciences mapping and surveys. 
  • Assessment of potential for hydrocarbon and geothermal resources, mining and deep sea minerals in Fiji. 
  • Providing geosciences information services, industry consultation and 
  • Providing support and advice on geotechnical issues through offshore and coastal mapping, geological mapping and geophysical surveys. 

State Land Rental Payment Services

Bank account, MPAISA, Post Fiji and EFTPOS options for ground rental payment. Any payments done online, MPAISA or Post Fiji, contact 9643832/9368425.


Account Name: Fiji Government Consolidated Fund Account
Account Number: 719354
Swift Code: BOSPFJFJ
Narration/Reference: File Reference or Lease Account Number


Payment through MPaisa App or SMS.
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EFTPOS options at the three divisional offices.